Vertical injection molding machine:the different with Horizontal injection molding machine is mold is opened along the Vertical direction. Its characteristics are: high fuselage, do not request large eare but the house should be tall enough,easy operation and maintenance; easy to realize automatic operation.

Parts can not fall down itself, should be pick up by hand or manipulator,it's mainly use for producing small metal parts insert molding and all small plastic parts,with good vertical & concentricity.such as knobs,plastic fasteners,all many electronic connectors or components.

Horizontal Injection Molding

The clamping part and the injection part at the same level as the center line.

Vertical Injection Molding

Mainly use for producing metal parts insert molding,with good vertical & concentricity.

Plastic Profiles Extruding

After continuous extrusion,can produced various figures plastic pipes & profiles.