Plastic extrusion machine: extrusion method generally refers to is under a temperature of 200 degrees Celsius in the plastic melting, melting plastic to the mold forming the required shape. Extrusion molding requirements have rich experience and deep understanding of the characteristics of plastic mold design and molding method is a kind of higher technical requirements.
Extrusion is in extruder by heating and pressing the material to flow continuously through the method of forming die, also known as "extrusion". Compared with other processing methods, has the advantages of high efficiency, low unit cost.
Mainly used for extrusion molding of thermoplastic plastics, can also be used for some thermosetting plastics. The extruded products are continuous profiles, such as pipe, bar, wire, plate, film, wire and cable coating etc.. In addition, also can be used for plastic mixing, plasticizing granulation, coloring, blending etc..
The extruded products can be called "profiles", because the shape of the cross section are irregular, so called "profile".

Horizontal Injection Molding

The clamping part and the injection part at the same level as the center line.

Vertical Injection Molding

Mainly use for producing metal parts insert molding,with good vertical & concentricity.

Plastic Profiles Extruding

After continuous extrusion,can produced various figures plastic pipes & profiles.