Horizontal injection molding machine: This is the most normal type. The clamping part and the injection part at the same level as the center line, and the mold is opened along the horizontal direction. Its characteristics are: low fuselage, easy operation and maintenance; machine installation of low gravity, relatively stable; products after pulling out the available gravity fall automatically, easy to realize automatic operation. The disadvantage is that the mold installation trouble, insert published such as die tilt or may fall, a large area of machine tool. At present, the use of this type of injection molding machine on the market.

The characteristics of horizontal injection molding machine: 1, which is a large machine due to low body height restrictions for the placement of the plant.
2, the product can automatically fall occasions without the use of machinery can also be automaticallymolding.
3, due to low body, easy feeding, easy maintenance.
4, the mold needs to be installed by crane.
5 multiple parallel arrangement, easy molding packaging collected by the conveyor belt.

Horizontal Injection Molding

The clamping part and the injection part at the same level as the center line.

Vertical Injection Molding

Mainly use for producing metal parts insert molding,with good vertical & concentricity.

Plastic Profiles Extruding

After continuous extrusion,can produced various figures plastic pipes & profiles.